Content that grabs readers

Alright. So, you’ve decided you want to blog. You now know what you want to write about. But there are certain ways to format your posts to ensure that people will be willing to read it.

First thing – keep is short. If you’re article is long, a lot of people just aren’t going to spend the time to read it all. True story. The smaller the scroll bar, the less someone is going to be willing to make it through the whole article. Try to keep your paragraphs short as well. People just don’t respond well to big blocks of text.

Link as much as you can. Try to always provide links if they are relevant. If you are referencing another person, or a specific work, link to it. Linking will build you credibility, readers know that you did your research because the proof is there. It can also bring you more readers. You link to someone? Send them a comment letting them know, they might link back to you.

Do anything possible to break up your text. Headings, sub-headings, pictures, lists, graphs, whatever you can use. The more you break it up, the easier it looks to read, AND the more interesting it looks.

Don’t be afraid to use what you learned in J school either. Inverted pyramid style with some brevity will be your two friends.

Here are two other useful lists on post writing, make sure you check them out.


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