Time to harness the power of social media

Now that we’re rolling along with the blog, it’s time for a little shameless self promotion. Okay, not shameless, but there are ways you can use social media websites to bring more traffic to your site.

Give them all a try. You never know which social media site is going to be the one that your audience is on, and more then likely, different people are on different ones. Your best bet is the big three, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Now, get some friends and use their announcement tools to let people know what you’re talking about over on your blog. In case social media is totally alien to you, here are some rules of etiquette.

If you’re a journalist and not on Twitter, shame on you.

Besides those, your blog itself is a form of social media. Your comments section will allow people to communicate about your topic and other relevant things. Don’t be afraid to jump into the conversation. And don’t be afraid to comment other blogs. Be constructive, intelligent and relevant and provide a link of your blog at the end of your comment.

Awesome, now you’re networking.


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