Who blogs and why?

Why, everyone blogs. Not literally everyone, but everyone can. Each person has ability to go out and start a blog and get a million readers and maybe make $100 along the way, if they’re lucky. Literally anyone can blog and create a beat. From stay at home moms, to knitters, music enthusiasts and even journalists.

But why is this so important for journalists? In our dwindling industry, where less and less of us are getting hired, it’s important to have as many skills as you can. Ever heard of Arianna Huffington? Maybe you should. She’s doing okay for herself I heard.

But knowing how to blog will help you to better interact with readers and will give you the opportunity to brand yourself. That might just be the fine line that prevents you from getting laid off as all your coworkers are. It’s time to start a blog and join the conversation.


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